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Now, as a prelude to the “Piano Story” let me take you back…Besides playing music for life, I had gone through a spiritual healing a few years back and experienced music from another perspective, At that time, I published the “Guitar Story” to help me to share the experience with anyone who would listen. I wrote about how the guitar and I became a conduit of God’s message of love which was meant to be shared. The guitar music was captured live one afternoon in studio and that became SOUL PATTERN PROJECT and the “Soul Injection” cd. With the help of many friends and wonderful artists the guitar music was woven into a beautiful tapestry. In that willingness to share the amazing music that was coming through, I found myself playing for people and in places that I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams. And all that has happened in just the last 2 1/2 years! During that time I kept having this vision of a piano sitting in my living room. I don’t play piano either, but the vision was strong. So strong that I created an empty space where it was going to sit…Here’s the beginning:

The “Piano Story” will be posted here  It explains the new CD coming up – which has been named!


At the end of 2010 SOUL PATTERN PROJECT completed and released the first CD of divinely inspired music. As referenced in “The Guitar Story” at  it was music that I didn’t write, so much as, obeyed it. 

Music that coveys a divine message of love and loss and possibilities.

I’ve come to realize that now.

The year 2009 was one of life purging for me. In the emptying out of spaces both spiritually and in the physical. In the empty spaces of my home I saw visions of things to come. Though 2009 saw me clearing spaces the work on the guitar music continued in the studio and late in 2010 saw the arrival of the new CD “Soul Injection.” At the time we had no idea that we would spend 2011and 2012 touring the West Coast and just east of the Rockies compelled to share the guitar music.

In the late fall of 2009 visions of a piano in my front room where the sun shines through floor to ceiling windows in the afternoon, I kept seeing a baby grand piano sitting there in the sunlight. That’s great, a piano. I don’t play piano, but in the constant vision of this piano, I reasoned that I could use it to transpose or something.

I always had occasion to visit our local music store (Tom’s Music) where among lots of equipment and new pianos they also carried pianos that were there on consignment. I would check them out whenever I went and one day I met this little unassuming 1948 Chickering Baby Grand piano from Boston.  I was smitten with it, but I was in no position to buy a piano especially seeing the price tag staring me in the face. There was no way. Not cash and certainly not credit! But that little piano had me. I appreciated the feel of its real ivory keys and the sounds of its looseness, its clicks and thumps.

Every time I went in there I would say hello to it and feel it and pine over it. Then one afternoon that early winter the owner of the store, Raphael called me up and said hey what’s going on with me and that piano. He said he had to get it out of there to make room for new inventory. I told him as before, I had no money and there was no way I would qualify for credit so I was just going to pass, but he said he was going to give me the phone number of the owner to call and that maybe I could work something out with him because either way the piano was not going to stay. I took the number and kept saying to myself, don’t call, don’t call, you have no reason to call because you don’t have money to buy a piano. So, I picked up the phone and I called.

This conversation was an important one because for one, I had no business calling, and for another it showed me one more way God works. Here’s the short version: We introduced ourselves and I told him that the store owner had given me the number and I had been looking at his piano. I told him I don’t play piano and I had no money. He said how much I would offer him and before I could stop myself I said $900! (which I thought was way too little an amount for that piano), He agreed. What just happened! Why did I say that! Then I proceeded to say that I could only make monthly payments (which any amount would have been too much because I had no money) and when he asked me how much per month I said $100! He agreed. Why?! Why?! Why?! I could not stop the words from coming out of my mouth. He said he would draw up the bill of sale and that he would like to meet. That was our first phone-call. I believe I took delivery of the piano in the next few days. I spent all of 2010 making those monthly payments and where there was no money before it always seemed to be there when it was time to pay.

In the meantime the piano sat there for months in the sunlight of the windows just as envisioned. I did not play it, but it brought me great joy. Then one night…. 

PART II - The man, the piano, the music! (Published November 2013)

As it happened in "The Guitar Story" one night I was passing by the little piano and I reached out to it, plinking on the keys. I remember my Dad playing piano he always seemed so happy ‘cause he was playing some good honky-tonk stuff he had learned. I always had fun watching him playing and smiling away. I never took it up. This evening I sat down and felt the keys. I had gotten to the place where I wasn’t as melancholy in the house anymore. The guitar was complete surprise and brought with it a new life and now this little piano that was beckoning me to visit with it. For the first time I heard its voice, a big voice, a rich voice! It had beautiful tone and yet it looks like it has been though so much. I just laid my hands on the keys as something was presenting itself the beginnings of a melody maybe – but the words were clear “Call on Me” is what was coming through. I was particularly aware that the words I was saying to a friend – “Call on me when your nights are cold and dark…Call on me when you think you missed the mark…” in fact the song was for a friend, then as I listened became a message for all. The music that followed was a beautiful melody. By this time I knew what was happening I wasn’t as astonished about sitting down and playing the piano, because of what had happened with the guitar, but just as amazed! I was laughing and feeling really joyous. And even a little shy.

This song however was tugging – not a fast song but one that went on to say, “Call on me, just call on me”…”when your days are sunny and your future’s looking right”…”Call on me when your days are sunny and warm and your future’s looking bright.” You see it was happening again! This music, this song, coming through as if turning on a faucet. I remember playing the song for a friend. I was somewhat hesitant at first and awkward, but I found confidence behind this instrument and when I invited another friend of mine to come and listen who was putting together a live show in front of a documentary premiere she asked if I would come play it at a concert hall in front of a large audience. I had never played before, but I knew this message was meant to be shared so I said yes. I will never forget getting to the place and seeing a huge grand piano on the stage – I remember praying backstage before I went on “Please God just guide my hands, let’s just go and have some fun!” Curious! I was nervous, but I knew Spirit would not let me mess up!

The little piano, I found out later, was prayed over by the gentleman who sold it to me. When he found out the piano was going to have to leave Tom’s Music store he had nowhere to store it, so he prayed that it would find a home with someone who needed it. After we agreed I would make the purchase on a payment plan he said he wanted to meet so he came to the house to draw up the paper and I found out he was a pastor. When I told him the Guitar Story and played the guitar for him he prayed powerfully aloud - it was a moving experience, I cried. Over time as we kept in touch, that he had an incredible testimony of his own that he shared with me. I kept making payments throughout the year (2010) and when I got to what was going to be the next to the last payment in December of that year I called him up to tell him it was going to be a little late, but also when he could expect it. He said that was fine and thanked me for letting him know. A little while after I sent off that payment I received a letter in the mail dated December 27, 2010 with a receipt attached to it. The letter read as follows:

“Dear Maggie,

Greetings in the Matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Just a short note of thanks to you, for your faithfulness in paying off the Debt on the piano. When Noah was ordered by God to build an Ark, it was also for his family as well. And when Noah and his 3 sons and their Wives came off the Ark (with Noah’s wife as well) there was a total of 8 persons to re-start the new world. In God’s numbering system, 8 is “New” beginnings.

The Lord impressed on me to write this letter and to let you know that the Piano has been paid in full. I thank you for the $800.00 and pray that the other $100.00 that you would of given to pay it off could maybe go towards your “New” CD project? You be led of God and know that we Love and bless you.”

I wept. What a gift! I remember going out to play in public at an open mic and taking the letter reading it to the audience– it meant so much. To this day I keep that letter on the piano. Never forgetting.

And by the time I had finished making payments I had piano music to share with him as well. And that was just the beginning of the piano songs, the messages didn’t stop coming. I did the same thing with people I would call them up to come over and hear and share I would play for people who came to the door making a delivery or on a service call. It was all good and still is. And that $100 from the piano it went towards the making of Soul Pattern Project’s “Soul Injection” CD! Since, we have been on a total of five of our own independent music tours all over the west half of the U.S. in the last 2 1/2 years Never knowing where the music will take us next. But always at the ready!

The man in the story is: Prophet/Pastor Hue Fortson, Jr., In His Habitation Ministries. Post Office Box 2486 Victorville, California 92392

As of January 2013 we have recorded guide tracks to produce this amazing piano music into the next Soul Pattern Project CD named “Eleven Eleven” © and have started playing it live whenever we get the chance.





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