This story is how all of this began. It is a retelling of events that catapulted me into intense love and understanding. I hand this story out whenever I play my guitar. It is important. The songs that appear on the "Soul Injection" CD are the ones in the "Guitar Story" that came through and I obey them. Since that time the same events have happened with a piano we have started to record that music as well and plans to release the CD are for early 2014/15. - Maggie Vee


December 10, 2009 -This story dedicated to Rudy J. Valenzuela 5-13-54 to 10-1-2008

My husband passed away last October 2008. I had my hands on his body when he took his last breath and I looked up where he was looking, up to the right as he left. I wanted to lift him higher, I wanted to go with him and his escorts. I felt his energy released into the universe. I am crying as I write this.

What transpired during the year following his leaving here is what this story is about. Experience, LOVE, death, living, purpose.

My husband was a musician and a tradesman. He left to his son a beautiful Martin guitar. After the services my son asked me if I would like to keep the guitar around for a while, I said I would like that. The guitar sat in its case through October, November, December, January. It was the last week of January 2009 something happened; I was passing by the guitar where it had sat and something told me to pick it up, open it. I did. I took it out of the case and held it. I brought a dining room chair into the center of the living room and sat there with it. I prayed with it I meditated with it. Then the amazing happened, I played it. I don’t play guitar, but I was playing guitar and singing words. Music I didn’t compose words I didn’t write. It was just there and happening. I sat there for three nights like that, as composition after composition came through me. I was so thrilled, startled, and amazed that at the end of that week on a Sunday night I went out in public and played and haven’t stopped since. I’ve been chronicling the events that have transpired with people. Like how a man (Father of friends of ours popped up at the door) at 86 years old asked me to teach him guitar. I explained that I didn’t teach guitar, but that I would play the guitar for him so I did and he wept. Friends and sometimes people I didn’t know would come and I would play for them and they would cry.

What’s happening here?  This music, these words.

Now don’t get me wrong,  I am a musician and a singer/songwriter myself, I know music, but this music I did not write. I could hear answers to my prayers, I can hear thoughts in it. There are clear messages in it.  I did not write the words down. I did not write the music down. I have not to this day. It does not belong to me. It is a gift. That’s how I felt as it came. This is a gift. Thank you. Thank you. I would be sobbing then laughing hysterically. Joyously sad and happy all at once. That’s why I went out and played it immediately. I knew that I had to share it.

I joke that I will play anywhere, in a boat with a goat, in a box with a fox. Sometimes I just go out on the street and play. Sometimes I play venues. I tell, what I call now the “Guitar Story” and inevitably I get stories back or people always share how it makes them feel. They share. They cry. They smile. They heal. It blesses me.

When my husband’s body was dying. I sat in the living room at night and just cried. He was at home so we could take care of him. God told me that “I would experience abundant joy.” (I don’t even know if you put messages in quotations!) In the midst of the deepest sorrow I had ever experienced. This seemed absurd, but I felt at peace. I couldn’t comprehend it at the moment. There were other messages as well. Going back at looking at my journal reveals them:

“Let go.” “Everything is as it should be.” “Please God, please yourself.” “Connect the beginning and end and the rest will be done.”

I talk about God a lot. This is a spiritual story. The meaning of experience as it continues today is about perception/perspective, purpose, connecting to creative flow (God) or your higher power as you believe it to be.  Faith. LOVE and to do what you are supposed to be doing. Remember Curly in the City Slicker movie “Only one thing matters,” as he holds up one finger “This.” “Everybody’s gotta find out what that one thing is.” That’s it.

The music continues to heal. I continue to perform it. I miss my hubby. Through his death

I AM IN LOVE with life



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