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We are getting ready to hit the road again Aug 2 - First stop Browning Montana, where we join the good people at KBWG 107.5fm before we head over to the Flathead Lake region and onto Missoula. Then it's Idaho and Utah before getting back into good ol' California.


August 9,2012

 Left home at 4pm on for as far as we could get on about four hours of sleep. Preparations were long and we were still working on the travel trailer late into the night. It was a heatwave and as we were saying our goodbyes a strong monsoon wind was brewing in Apple Valley. We would turn off at Kelbaker where the therm was reading 120 degrees! I got out to see what it felt like and jumped back in! Ok, it was hot. We drove until 2am (8/10) and got to a rest area outside of Tonapah, Nevada. The stars, meteors and moon were magical. It cooled off to about 85 degrees. Slept on a air mattress in the trailer so deep, I was still groggy in the morning when it was time to hit the road at 8:30am - still no coffee!

August 10, 2012

Pulled into Hawthorne, Nevada where a huge munitions plant resides. The landscape is dotted with underground bunkers for as far as the eye can see. Looks strange and like an out post on another planet. Saw a grand opening for a Dollar General store in town and pulled in just in time for free hot dogs, chips, soda and a goodie bag! Hey! we're traveling on a shoestring budget here-everything helps. LOL. Took our lunch across the street to a little VFW park where there were really big whirly gigs that looked like flowers made out of bomb shells, they were spinning happily in the hot wind. Got back on the road and got to Fallon, Nevada at about 12 noon. Ate at the Golden Nugget a funky little casino in town.

2pm heading to Fernly, Nevada for gas

 5:30pm Cosgrave rest area for a stretch and a look at the map. Nathan my producer and accompaniment on the road does the mapping and travel plans. Trying for Elko, Nevada tonight for sleep. Passing through Elko not really digging the vibe so we are heading up the road. Want to make it an early chill-out night with lots of rest. Can maybe make it into Wells, NV by 8pm. Pulled into Wells at about 9pm. Looking for Angel Lake campground. Drove up and down a mountain finding no available sites so drove back down and pulled into Angel Lake RV Park in Wells at about 12 midnight. Made trailer hook-ups then busted toilet as water jetted out of the line we turned off the water hook-up and made do. Still cooked spagetti for dinner and talked til about 2 or 3am before turning in. So much for the early to bed thing.

August 11, 2012

COFFEE! Hot Shower in the RV park and clean laundry it's a good day! 4pm heading out for Browning today via Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho, we won't head this way on the way back, through Idaho, so now's the time to introduce ourselves to the town. We will stop in Missoula and visit friends and family there then head out to browning for our radio interview on Aug 14 before playing in Polson and back to Missoula and down to Idaho falls and Lava Hot Springs Idaho. We'll talk about Utah later. 

August 12, 2012

It's getting later and later heading to Browning via Idaho and Idaho is on fire! Wild fires are rampant and we are heading right into the Sawtooth Mountains. Been driving for hours in smoke and ash no blue sky in sight. We ar trying to make our Browning , MT radio gig early on August 14. It's getting later and later and we are now looking for a place to camp overnight. It's about 12 midnight or 1am as we pull into Riverside Campground in the Sawtooth Mountain Rec Area. We've been following the curves of the Salmon River via the Salmon River Scenic Byway all night. It seems that we may have gotten ahaed of the smoke a bit.

August 13, 2012

This morning we woke up to the Salmon River flowing by our trailer door. Last night when we pulled in we could hear, but couldn't see it. Smoke has filled the canyon and the wind is whipping around us. We waste no time pulling out opting to grab coffee on the road. We've come to call places that we roll through in the middle of the night our "Midnight Tours". Last night we passed through Hailey, Ketchum, Sun Valley, Bellevue, and Stanley just to name a few. We haven't had any phone connection through the mountains. Yesterday as we entered the mountains we had called family from the road to share our whereabouts. After travelling all day we check our phones at about 6pm to several texts from Missoula, MT awaiting our arrival. The smoke is still evident as we make the Idaho/Montana border and our eyes and throats are shot-out! Got into Missoula at about 8 or 9pm, visited, had something to eat and grabbed our guitars for the first time. We need to get up early and leave for Browning by 8am.

August 14, 2012

     As we had neared our first "gig" the radio interview/live on-air music, my thoughts become more contemplative. When your on the road you have lots of time to chat and think, but not lots of time to prepare gear as it is packed away. We wanted to make Browning early to get set up in the radio studio, but the morning prayer and meditation was elevated. We've learned not to go before God in any matter, especially time and healing. So even though we wanted to leave no later than 8am our fellowship had us leaving at like 9am. We were all happy and excited to have some fun on-the-air and introduce Browning to the music. The interview was supposed to have started at 1pm, and that is the time we got to the station. No matter, we were welcomed got set up and were on he air by 1:45 or 2p. We talked and played on-air til 3pm with our host The Mystery DJ, Alan Lukin at KBWG 107.5fm. We gave away CDs and took pictures before we left. It was perfect. We left th station to go see Nathan's niece in a Rodeo. As we were out at the grounds a mighty Great Plains sand storm whipped up as two huge weather fronts converged sending spectators running for cover. After everybody in our party was accounted for we decided to head back Missoula for a good night's rest. We have a "free" day tomorrow for picking savis berries and sage in the mountains. Before we play in Polson Thursday night.

August 15, 2012

Free day in Missoula, MT to kick-back a little. We had our first real hot meal of Sister Kim's Indian Fry Bread with great company and storytelling with new friends and family.

August 16, 2012

 Playing Glacier Brewing Co. in Polsen, MT. We ended up waking late just kinda in catch-up mode by this point with sleep. Glacier Brewing Co. is located in the Flathead Lake Recreation Area. We want to thank Jamie out at Glacier Brewing for making us feel at home and treating us so well and for all the good folks who came out to hear us. The beer is great and the rootbeer too! We hope to come back here soon!

August 17, 2012

   Playing Missoula Winery tonight and looking forward to it. The gig is ten minutes away from where we are staying which is a great plus. Now that we are in town we have the opportunity to go get the toilet part that broke back in Nevada. We found the part and then ended up getting back at the time we had to leave for the gig. We got out to Missoula Winery and met owner Frenchie who shared her passion of winemaking with us. When we started setting up I noticed a beautiful upright piano and asked if we could use it, she said yes! We moved it into position and I was so excited to be able to play it - the sound was amazing. Now we would be able to debut some of the new music and I would be able to feel a piano again after several days on the road. Missoula Winery is the most exciting concept for great wine and great music. Housed in a industrial type building high as a small hanger they have the successfully made into a beautiful environment for art, wine and the performance arts. They have a sound system that is at your disposal so we quite literally in heaven! We want to thank everybody that came out to hear us and to Frenchie, Christophe and Jeremy - we look forward to the day we can play here again!

August 18, 2012

It's been an amazing time here in Montana so far. All the people we have met have been so friendly and generous of their time and so willing to help us at every turn. We will be heading back up to Browning for some berry and sage picking, fishing, shooting and horseback riding before we continue on to Idaho.

August 19, 2012

   We are Savis berry picking today. It is a hot afternoon in Browning and we will be traveling outside of town into the Glacier land to gather. The berries are picked the stored throughout the winter for traditional berry soup a super-food of the land and used by the Blackfeet people. Also referred to as “bear-berries”, it is a favorite food of the black and grizzly bear population for the same reason. When picking the berries, one must have loud conversation or sing to keep from picking berries from the same bush. We were collecting on the shore of lower St. Mary Lake and every little rattling of a bush or tree made my head spin around! There was always much evidence of recent bear berry buffet all around. After our afternoon of berry picking we had a picnic of fire roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon, sausage, sandwiches and fresh Flathead Lake cherries.

August 20, 2012

Up at 5am for FISHING! Which prompted me to say, “What happens in Montana, never happens in California!” We headed out to the family’s favorite fishing holes on the St. Mary River we didn’t catch, but the fishing was epic with Camp 9, Babb, and Glacier as the majestic backdrop. We are packing in our poles and going to have lunch at the Leaning Tree Cafe in Babb and to pick sage back in Browning. Sage is gathered now for recipes, healing and ceremonial uses. We are able to collect as much as we will need to share and use through the seasons to come. We’ll be heading back to Missoula tonight to get the trailer ready as we prepare for Idaho.

As we drove through the evening we came back to the crossroads of highways were you find a stopping place – Woody’s gas/mart. We had the pleasure of running into a fellow named Philip who is a missionary and who’s calling it is to bring the awareness of the Ten Commandments to the people. He does this by among other things erecting large billboards and/or highway signs or handing out pamphlets, magnets or by simply stopping and taking the time to pray. We gave him a CD then we talked then Philip prayed with us and for us in the parking lot of this Woody’s crossroads Later I would send him an email letting him know that we arrived safely to our destination and he would send an email to me;

“ was a wonderful surprise to meet you all...God bless you and guide you all into perfect peace in Him....we love to display HIS precious Word for all to see.....send a # and when i return i will call to see if you know anyone who would like a banner or a magnet.....may the Lord keep you three in His perfect will.....Philip”

August 23, 2012

Leaving Missoula today for Idaho Falls to play at Snow Eagle Brewing & Grill. The wind on the roads today are high we are just driving on through and lunched in a parking area on the side of the road then continued on. The drive today should take us about 6 hours or so. Pulled into Idaho Falls and found that Snow Eagle Brewing on River Parkway is directly across from the Green Belt Park and the falls. Our host and owner Jerry has graciously offered to let us dry camp in the parking area. We found a spot right next to an old SP train caboose that is set up to serve ice cream and other goodies. They are closed for business right now so the spot is a perfect fit. We can hear the falls and there are many people walking, jogging and enjoying the park as the Canadian Snow Geese take over looking for handouts and eating the grasses. We play tomorrow night and are looking forward to it.

August 24, 2012

Up early for a walk in the park and to enjoy the falls. Will go over to the venue early to set-up and to eat. Jerry the owner is also feeding us as well…which is a great treat! Snow Eagle Brewing is cooking up some great grill fare and we got our fill of the scrumptious food and ales that they brew up. The gig went well and at the end of the evening a gentleman named Sonny from Hawaii got up and sang acapella. I love when people sing their hearts! It was a fun gig and we got to talk with a lot of the patrons both before, during and after we played. Thanks to everybody at Snow Eagle we love you!

August 25, 2012

 Leaving Idaho Falls today for Lava Hot Springs where our next gig awaits. I see a sign on the highway that says Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, Idaho and we have to go! Just as I had hoped, it had giant spud at the entrance with a giant melting pad of butter on it! We bought our admission and the t-shirt I wanted and with them got free hash browns (Hey! Like I said we are on a budget here, everything helps! Lol) I saw the biggest potato chip ever! And learned so much about potatoes we never knew. Traveling on, we will find a place to camp close to Lava Hot Springs, ID and get ready for our next gig. We found a place in Grace, ID called Caribou Highlands so, so remote and quiet – in the middle of potato fields – it was just the thing we were looking for to unwind from the road. From here we can see 360 degrees of potato fields planted to the mountain horizons and have been watching clouds rolling through the valley from every conceivable angle in every imaginable shape and form. Tonight we’ll cook a good dinner, relax and off to bed.

August 26, 2012

Last night as we sat and enjoyed some appetizers pre-dinner, we were quietly talking and off in the near distance we heard tires on the dirt road, then as we focused in we heard loud yelling and then gunfire,. so much for the quiet evening! We turned out all the lights and as we listened further in the pitch blackness (I fully expected to hear those tires pull in next to us) looking out the windows we could see a vehicle continuing down the dirt road then disappearing. Alarmed of coarse, but not panicked by any means we took a quick assessment and Nathan went out to make sure no one was laying injured on the road. It’s 11pm and we are in a remote site. Cool heads prevail, mainly because although startled by the events we come prepared for every situation, be it bears or crazy knuckleheads who are trying to scare California “tourists” in the middle of the night in the middle of potato farmland. Dinner was a strike. Instead we focused on safety just in case our crazy neighbors decided to return. Today we have come to terms with our late night experience and we were glad to see how we reacted in a crazy situation. Peace prevailed in this place called Grace

August 27, 2012

 Deciding to stay one more day here in Grace before moving on. We need to get some laundry done in town or a next stop. From here though I  can finish up some work and do some more homework on Utah, because YES, I am on WIFI in the middle of the potato fields with a small card table and folding chair! Catch you up again soon!

August 28, 2012

Leaving Grace today for Lava Hot Springs, ID. Update on the first night stay in the RV park there. The owner was so nice and comped us a nights stay because of the happenings that went on! That was really nice of her and we would definitely stay there again. We are not that far from Lava so we are going to find a place called Maple Grove Hot Springs to see if we want to camp there for a night before going to Lava. The Maple Grove Hot Springs turn off is in Thatcher and the Bear River widens there as it comes through a mountain canyon at the end of the valley. Apparently hot springs abound here with all of this area set atop lava beds. This valley is truly picturesque with potato fields and cattle farms. History tells of range wars for years going on here between farmers and cattle ranchers. We find the turn off and drive back about 3.5 miles on a dirt road. We found the camp and Springs, but decide it’s a bit too rustic for us this night and head back out following this wide, wide Bear River on the edge of it right at water level. I’ve never been on a road like this that was so, so close to the water as if you would float right out on it and as it winds it way back out through the mountains I’ve never seen a sight like it. We make a note to come back. We hit the main road – the Spanish Trail Scenic byway and head over to Lava Hot Springs. We opt to stay at the KOA in Lava because they have a laundry and it’s that time again to do some housekeeping, HA! We decide to walk into Lava tonight to see the town where we’ll be playing on Thursday night. As in all of our night tours of towns we pass through in the night, this town has a feel all it’s own and we are now excited to be here as it has such a good vibe. We pass the public hot springs facility and see people getting a soak at night enjoying the steaming waters. We walk back to camp and finally get to bed.

August 29, 2012

The plan today is to get up early 7:30am – YES! That’s right! And head down to the hot springs to melt some of the road off! We got there when they open at 8am to experience these Native American healing waters, These waters for centuries have been known for there remarkable healing properties. The mineral baths range from a tepid ninety-eight degrees to upwards of one-hundred sixteen degrees. Some have jets others are still. We were able to handle about thirty minutes total in and out of all the pool waters with each soak the muscles unbinding and leaving you feeling elated and like a complete noodle! We headed back to camp to clean up and check-out before we would move our camp to town. We noticed an interesting looking Thai restaurant we would stop at really just right next door to the KOA. Lunch was good. We drove into town to the market for provisions before we would park. On our walk earlier we had noticed a place we could stake out, a quiet parking area next to the venue we will be playing at the Riverside Hot Springs Resort. The Riverside we read is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. After lunch we moved camp and then once again walked around the town inviting everybody we ran into to the gig on Thursday. We ran into some local musicians sitting in front of the Chukwagon Restaurant that invited us to jam with them after we get done when we play on Thursday. We went to the Lava Museum and learned so much about the town we felt like locals! After we parked we walked over to the Riverside Hotel and asked to see where we would be playing. We always like to see where we will be setting up just so we can prepare. We actually will check-into the Riverside early tomorrow when we play. The place is beautifully set on the Portneuf River where river rafter/tubers abound.

August 30, 2012

It’s Thursday morning in Lava Hot Springs! We check-in to the Riverside and get to pick out our room. This place has so much feeling of history. The staff is wonderful it feels like you are at home. We start playing at 6pm so we get our stuff up to the room and go back down immediately and start setting up outside in the “back-yard” on the bank of the river. Lava Hot Springs has a series of tuber footpaths that line the river that are dotted with green parks, bridges and benches it feels like you are living in an amusement park, but the history here supercedes such things and we are taken with it’s beauty, history and revere the Native American Shoshone history and meaning of this place and it’s healing waters. The start of the evening is so beautiful with the sunset meeting our host and more of the staff. Playing this music to the sound of the river rolling by is too good for words and the people who would come to listen a total blessing. The spirit here is on fire and we are thankful for such an experience. The staff lets us order dinner before the end of our set and we sit out by the river and eat with some guests that were kind enough to buy us drinks at the end of the evening. Our host Alonzo brings us out one of his decadent desserts to finish off the evening.

August 31, 2012

Staying in Lava one more day, but checking out of the Riverside Hotel, but before we do we go downstairs to use the private mineral baths for one more soak. Truly healing, truly healing. As we say our goodbyes we really feel like the people we met here will be friends from now on. Thanks to the Riverside Hotel staff for all of your hospitality. We stay the night by the river and set out on a long hike up the mountain across the way. We get back to town just in time to stop in to a local restaurant and grab a killer burger before heading back to the river where we would sit out watching a storm roll in. The storm did indeed develop into a full on thunder, lightning and downpour, power outage and all!

September 1, 2012

 This morning as we are set to drive out a code enforcement car from the town stops by, and you won’t believe he moved here from Hesperia, CA! Wow! Small world ain’t it. We love Lava Hot Springs! We head out for Logan, Utah today to play Center Street Grill. The drive today from Lava Hot Springs to Logan, Utah is beautiful and will take about 2 hours or so. The landscape is fresh from the night's rain storm. As we hit town we call Steph at Center Street Grill to get directions - pretty direct, stay on Main until you get to Center and they are right on the corner. As we pull in we get to see where we will be playing and they offer us lunch. The food is great and everybody is excited to have us. As we finish lunch the rain and lightening returns. These frequent storms and downpours occur often so we set up in the outdoor covered patio and retire to the trailer for a rest before we play. The rain continues and just before we are set to start the sky clears and people start to walk the town again for the evening. The patio is right on Main Street and we can see the passersby and traffic. We enjoyed the company and the stories of the people who came out to hear us. The staff was great. Many thanks to Steph and Elizabeth for all of the hospitality. They made us incredible shakes and made us sandwiches for the road. As we took down the equipment I updated the website sitting there in the patio. They offered to let us stay right there in the parking lot, but we decide to travel on through the night. It's just about 11:30pm now and we stop for gas and drive on trying to make Tonapah, Nevada. We are on Hwy 30 now and are going through some amazingly desolate area. The night's sky is beautiful with the now waning moon. We drive on knowing that we will have to stop somewhere on the road. At about 4:30 am we find a turn-out on the road and park. Wait! As we crossed the border sometime in the night we gained an hour - so we are now somewhere an hour earlier than when we arrived - it's all so weird in the middle of the night. As we get out to enter the trailer I hear an owl. The hills are black against the sky. We haven't seen a soul on this highway for hours the last town we passed was Pilot, NV. there is absolutely no lights in sight. We get ready to sleep - and a rumbling begins we think it's a big truck, but it ends up being a train and the trains continue throughout the night. We couldn't see the tracks at night and didn't see one train when we were driving, but there they were!

September 2, 2012

We had the alarm set for early so we could fix breakfast, but took our time getting up. Nathan opened the trailer door and immdiately heard a wimpering coming from under the trailer. We heard it again! Nathan went down to see what it was and lo-and-behold it was a puppy. A puppy...out in the middle of nowhere. The pup was scared and we knew in a little while we would be leaving this place. What to do. Now more than once on this tour Nathan had a conversation here and there with different people for some reason about dogs, saying that dogs have a way of finding you. Now look! Look what happens. How did the dog get here? It would be inhumane to leave the dog. It would probably get eaten by a coyote or predetor bird. It has no collar. It's a little girl maybe about 7 months old and scared. She won't come, but will eat jerky and cheespuffs and drink water before running back under the truck. We are getting in the truck and Nathan starts it up and she runs back under the trailer he moves slowly and she runs down the little embankment towards the railroad tracks and under thick sage brush. She's mostly black with white spotted paws and a star on her chest. one ear up, one ear down. She's tucked down now and I take a cheesepuff and reach as far as I can to her and as she takes it, I grab her by the scruff of her neck lifting her up through the sage brush telling her "Well, you got to trust somebody sometime," and with that I held her and took her back to the truck. We all got in and headed towards Tonapah, NV. We decide to get the pup a collar, leash and some food so we stopped in Wells, NV to a dollar store. That night we pulled into a rest area outside of Tonapah. The pup is out like a light and we all turn in for the night. Tomorow we will head home.

September 3, 2012

Up early to hit the road. We take our new friend out for a walk around the rest area before we leave. She doesn't walk well on the leash. Still scared she stays low and crawls like a rattlesnake. We decide to call her Sage. We drive through Bishop and stop in Lone Pine and let Sage walk around a park. Last stop is Kramer Junction before the last leg home.

Come back to read our wrap on the tour and find out our thoughts on the music and people we met on the road. It's a beautiful journey!

September 4, 2012


We pulled up to our driveway in the Mojave Desert as the sun was setting on another day. Last night I dreamt of the healing waters of Idaho. I was warm and floating and my skin was new born soft my spirit was full and I felt pure peace. I awoke thinking of Montana, Idaho and Utah and the music that is meant to be shared with all who will listen. Out on the road playing, sharing and receiving I recall the messages that came at the beginning of it all: “Connect the beginning and the end and the rest will be done,” “You will experience abundant joy,” “Everything is exactly as it should be.” Since then we have been on three Pacific Northwest tours and now the Rocky Mountains. It’s been an incredible journey and one that continues. Thank you for joining us on our tour. Get ready for more tours and more divinely inspired music from a new instrument - the piano!


All of our love,

Maggie Vee & Nathan Paul - SOUL PATTERN PROJECT




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