Nov 8, 2018

We bought your new CD and we absolutely love it! When it started playing the first song, it was as if the music tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to stop what I was doing so that I could give the songs my full attention. I closed my eyes, sat back and enjoyed being on a beautiful musical journey.

It definitely touched my soul, allowing me to appreciate the delicate sound of each instrument, whether it was a piano solo, guitar solo or a lovely mix of both. I even found myself playing the air-guitar during Sweet 3/Change!

I love every song on the CD and I hope that this new CD is able to touch other people the way it touched me! The lyrics, musical arrangement, your incredible vocals all contributed to a very special and inspiring message.

The music on this CD is powerful and in my humble opinion the CD is a smashing success. Congratulations to all who contributed in making this disc a reality and to Soul Pattern Project on a beautiful collaboration!

With love,

Nick R

Arlene R

Monterey Park, CA

We are so happy and humbled that our Soul Pattern Project music is being featured on independent creator channels like WSO. A great channel if you are a seeker and into observing the environment and one of our favs! Thanks WSO!
WSO is subscriber supported worldwide! Check it out!

One of the wonderful things about the HD community is the amount of talent we find residing here. One brilliant example would be the band Soul Pattern Project—the brainchild of singer/multi-instrumentalist Maggie Vee, and musician/producer Nathan Paul. The band also features the solid rhythm section of Joaquin Sura on bass and Alan Winkel on drums.

Vee and Paul knew from the time of the band’s inception in 2010 that it was going to be something very special, but like all good things, it took time to make it happen.

The early incarnation of the band was a beautiful, meant-to-be sound, their own original genre Vee refers to as “fringe folk”— which was organic and acoustic guitar-based, but it soon blossomed into a rich, distinct fusion that draws from the influences of rock, blues, jazz, and country, forming a sound that is, again, uniquely their own.

Soul Pattern Project’s music, and indeed their performances are inspired and spiritually driven, which, to those unfamiliar with the way artists work, may be hard to understand, but those who understand the workings of the muse can attest to a certain alchemical magic that happens when an artist can tap into that divine message. This is joyful music designed to make you feel good, to heal, to celebrate. This is music we need now, more than ever. You can check out their website to hear their recordings, purchase their music, and find out when and where to catch their next performance. You won’t be disappointed.
We are honored to have our Soul Pattern Project music being featured on the worldwide YouTube Channel: WSO 

Thank you Steve Olson, Founder Wormwood System Observations

It's been a wild ride watching the effects on our planet from these large planetary bodies entering our solar system.
This channel is one of the best for information on this subject with content contribution from all over the world. Prepare your heart, engage Spirit! Enjoy!


“Soul Pattern Project put on a memorable Evening of Music.

The Music takes you on a emotional journey and leaves you mesmerized .

I look forward to the CD Eleven-Eleven debut and any upcoming shows I can attend. I highly recommend this to all who love music and need to be removed from this planet for an hour,”

-Henry Merenda, The Blue Henrys

"Soul Pattern Project reminds me , you may not remember Be-Bop, Straight Ahead Jazz in the early stages, most people didn't understand the future music.  This looks like it may be the same thing for SPP. This music is being delivered from Maggie Vee's Soul with the effort of injecting it to the Public.  To make a long story short, this is brand new music with a future, so when listening to it try to put your mind into "where it's coming from" possibly, I may be stretching it, from a futuristic world. Beam Me Up!"

-Elliott Chavers,  Hi Desert Records,

Rest In Peace & Love Elliott - November 15, 1930 - May 4. 2013 

Awesome, thank you so much for your creation! Your album "Eleven Eleven" is super high vibe!!!! Perfect music for the heart and soul, in these rapidly changing times. 

Jill Hemmingway






…I heard and felt the genius in your lyrics, words and the music. 

It's truly amazing how each of us touches the other people we meet in our lives and leave that everlasting presence. 

I am so inspired by you all.

Thanks again. Tim lll.

Band Soul Pattern Project Disobeys World – Love Ensues

Associated Writers 2016

If you ask the lead singer for the band Soul Pattern Project what the most important thing to know about the band is, she’ll tell you “Spirit”. If you asked her what the most important thing to know about the music is, she’d say “healing”. Soul Pattern Project came together in 2010 when musician/producer Nathan Paul heard singer/songwriter Maggie Vee at a live music event play a song on acoustic guitar. When he inquired about the music Maggie told him that they would have to sit and talk about it and he would have to hear the whole story about how the music came to be and that’s where it all started.

After several months of trying to get together away from their schedules the two met and after an initial meeting that lasted 5-hours it was decided that the project would go into the recording studio. A second 5-hour meeting to hear all of the music played on acoustic guitar gave the two the direction of how it would be made and it became Soul Pattern Project and the first CD “Soul Injection” was born.

Going back to the first meeting and the story that Maggie unfurled is what catapulted Soul Pattern Project into the realm of knowing possibilities and for the next three years, co-producers turned duo toured up and down the Pacific Northwest and east of the Rockies playing the music for all that would listen because they were simply asked to by God.

“This concept isn’t hard to grasp onto for believers,” says Vee, “Because it’s known as obedience, and early on God told me – To connect the beginning and the end and the rest will done. What a statement, what a promise. The simple fact is that this music was given to me as a gift and I was told to share it with all who would listen. It took praying and meditating to hit the road undaunted.  Early on, I would journal everything which I named the ‘Guitar Story’. The story starts with the death of my husband, mourning, the gift of music on an instrument I didn’t play and singing words I didn’t write and listening to God tell me that everything is exactly the way it should be. I have come to know this music to be healing. We have become storytellers and we are really blessed by the stories that people tell us after hearing the music. The experience of making this music and obeying it is; that no matter what the world has to say about what will be, God has the last word and ultimately makes everything happen first in the heart then in action. We have learned through practice and discipline to receive and attract all good things of the Spirit.”

Soul Pattern Project’s story doesn’t end with just the ‘Guitar Story’. Their current studio project “Eleven Eleven©” due out later this year has a similar story attached to it called the ‘Piano Story’ again challenging the artist  to obey and the musical spiritual flood gates are opened, this time expanding past acoustic “fringe folk” into startling original rock.

The band, now a group of four including Maggie Vee/Keys, Vocals; Nathan Paul/Guitar;   Joaquin Sura/Bass and Alan Winkel/Drums is dedicated to bringing the light and reconciling their audience to a higher realm. If you are interested in miracles or even the least bit curious you can read the original journals at their website www.soulpatternproject.usand maybe even catch them playing live at a venue near you.


You and your fellow SPP music makers are PHENOMENAL!
If I were several decades younger….I would, likely, qualify as an official, card carrying, “groupie”…following your rise to even wider renown and success.
Yes…. the energy in your performance and the strength of your musicians talents literally/actually moved me. Yes! Hips were swaying and feet were moving to the rhythms. (-:

At 76 yrs of age…I may be your oldest fan! But a fan... I am!
Fondly, Donna/Lewis Center for Educational Research

"Experts say the soul doesn't exist... Obviously, they've never heard the voice and lyrics of Maggie Vee."
-Pat Michaels
Radio Dude

The Mountaineer Progress

July 31, 2014

A Different Music In The Pines 

By Michael Palecki


...the first act was steeped in sensitive nondenominational spirituality that was a pleasure to hear. 

Opening the concert, Maggie Vee on vocals, key boards and acoustic guitar, and accompanied by Nathan Paul on electric guitar- were the Soul Pattern Project. Performing songs she had written with a strong yet mellow voice, the ethereal and piercing tones of the electric guitar guided Maggie on her spiritual journey. Go to: to sample the music of this talented singer/songwriter

An incredible, magical musical evening... the kind that made my soul SOAR! ** ABUNDANT THANK YOU's ♥ to all who performed ** ----> Maggie Vee, and Nathan Paul  of SOUL PATTERN PROJECT and Dana Larson, and Stone Stanley-(Jason Trombley and Carlos Rojas) - later joined by Kenneth Grier who accompanied on flute. Gratitude to J-Topia angels, Ron Jensen and Jeffrey !! Last, but certainly not least... all of us who had the privilege of soaking up the amazing vibes all evening long! A night to remember... for sure!
-Victoria InJoshua Tree

When charting out the 2014 performance list, acts, dates and times, Soul Pattern Project came to mind. No way, with their busy touring dates, did I think they would be available for a Thursday evening performance. Surprised, this talented duo Maggie Vee and Nathan Paul were in town, but they said they would love to perform on our Music In The Pines concert stage in the Village of WrightwoodCA .

Soul Pattern Project performed an original set of songs that touched the hearts of everyone who came to the concert that evening. Songs of Peace, Love, Joy and Hope. They filled the air with ballads and soulful rocking rhythms.
SOUL PATTERN PROJECT was well received and very much enjoyed from the Wrightwood Summer Concert Stage 2014.
Thank you Soul Pattern Project for coming to our Village, Wrightwood, CA on the mountain top...
David Cimino

Director, Host, Promoter of
Music In The Pines Summer Concert Series-Wrightwood, CA

"Love you, Love your songs, Love your soul.... Heart & Soul Sista!"

I just want to say that I really really love the Soul Pattern Project music and I am very grateful to have been invited to play on a song as well on their first cd "Soul Injection." Nathan Paul did a wonderful Job putting it all together. Your creativity and story of divine intervention are a very real deal and it shows in the inspirational emotions that flow during your live performances. I highly recommend this music to any and all who dare to take a cerebral trip down melody lane.

-Henry Merenda AKA  Blue Henry 

Maggie Vee is a Renaissance woman whose boundless energy is promoting all things musical and artistic would make a cup of latte nervous. Whether playing guitar, piano, sax with her band or singing al la Janis Joplin. Vee captivates audiences with her seemingly “possessed’ body style. Vee is also something of a nurturing “earth mamma’ for local area musicians and artists. She emails a weekly newsletter advertising upcoming gigs and art shows.  She also promotes art and music with such events of her own invention like Sweet Jam, ArtShowAGoGo and Songwriters Showcase.

It certainly comes as no surprise that Vee is now embarking on a music journaling endeavor a soulful homage to the hyper-kinetic energy that fuels her tireless crusade for discovering and birthing out new sounds, new artists and new directions in ubiquitous forms of expression. In total honesty, nothing Maggie Vee endeavors shocks any of us who know and love her. Should she run for high political office or campaign as the first aspiring female Pope, we may, however, simply elect to raise one and only one eyebrow. -B.G. Rhule, Screenplay Writer

"Maggie Vee's Soul Pattern Project is fabulous, cutting edge and engaging. The audience loved it!" Steve Sipe, Owner Dvine Wine & Jazz, Victorville, CA

“Maggie Vee and the Soul Pattern Project group of artists are inspiring. Their sound, one-of-a-kind.” –Donny Fram, Music Writer

“An inspiring, beautiful acoustic musical landscape.” –Regina Weatherspoon-Bell, Documentary Producer,

“Vee is…new sounds, new artists, new directions in ubiquitous forms of expression.” – B.G. Rhule, Author/Screenplay Writer,

 “So much more going on behind this soulful voice.” – Tony & Lisa Drake, Gentlemen of Thrill,,

"You guys are amazing like your songs which I will never forget, touching my heart, melted the first time I heard you." - Isabelle Ferree. 29 Palms, CA


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