Maggie Vee - Songwriter/Musician/Producer


“Blues, music, performing it’s all on my menu of soul food,” says Maggie. “Taking all experience and delivering it through a song comes naturally to me, through a higher power." When she feeds her own soul the audience gets fed, too. And its hard to tell which of them enjoys it more. Producers and listeners agree she is one of those natural talents who could blow you away in any style of music. She holds NOTHING back during a performance. She wins over fans like a revival preacher at a tent meeting! Her growth through multiple musical styles comes from an appreciation of all music. Drop by her home and you're as likely to hear bluegrass as blues playing on her "stereo." Maggie made a living as a free-lance illustrator, pounding the sidewalk for commissions. She discovered that she was good at selling her art. That grew into various marketing and promotions jobs, and a stint as the executive assistant to a personal manager to several entertainers. It was during this period that Maggie started singing at "open mic nights" and bringing her horn out in public. She has played with a succession of blues bands before having her own selection of talented musicians she calls on to gig with. In addition to performing as a singer and alto sax player, Maggie writes, and was heavily involved in the production of two albums. Writing, producing, performing - it’s all nurturing my soul,” says Maggie. “I started hanging out around the techies, asking questions and understanding more about what makes a good recording. I suspect I will forever be learning. I just want to take my ability to make music to another level, and get my music to all who will listen. In January 2009 Maggie took up acoustic guitar. "Playing guitar is a whole new experience for me. Unlike playing my sax, I can now sing and play at the same time! The ability to do that and perform original songs takes my expressiveness to a whole other level. I was blown away when I was given divine inspiration to pick up that guitar." The rest as they say is history. Maggie hasn't stopped performing live on guitar since the first week of picking it up."I was that taken with it I just had to go out in public and play. I was high on it, still am." It has always been a Maggie’s passion to keep the LIVE MUSIC and art scene alive and kicking and to keep the creator flowing. Listeners, music professionals, and critics profess - Soul Pattern Project music is cutting the edge of sublime.

Nathan Paul - Musician/Producer


Working as a touring musician throughout the '80s and '90s, Nathan Paul started his professional recording career after ending his on-the-road efforts and returning to school at the Los Angeles Recording School in North Hollywood, California, in 2001. He opened Mystic Recording Studios in 2002 and two years later, while working in Nashville, Tennessee, in artist development, Paul became a producer. Paul and Mystic Recording Studios worked on developing acts for Sony, Epic, Virgin/Atlantic and Arista Records. Paul is now planning the opening of the brand new B.E.L. Studios and a management and distribution division for 2013. Paul's most recent projects include producing albums for independent artists Maggie Vee, Joe Kidd & the Gash and Vertical.



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GIGS - Catch us live!

  • 11/10/2017
    Mattie's Blues Cafe - Art Benefit - Apple Valley, California


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