The Recording Artist Divinely Defined

By Maggie Vee 11/26/14

Many years have gone by and I have never really ever asked myself why I “do” this. For the simple reason, that I “am” this. A few years back I was given three things divinely; 1.) Ability to play the guitar and then, the ability to play the piano.  2.) Music to play on the guitar and then, music to play on the piano. 3.) Then, I was simply asked to share this music with all who would listen.

And listen, people did, people from all walks of life and from all different places. The music wasn’t about the music business it was about love, the music wasn’t about getting a record deal it was about healing and the music wasn’t about making money, it was about making a difference.

People I knew, friends and family were either, bewildered, bothered or rejoicing in the notion that I was proclaiming this Divine intervention, but I suppose like Divine interventions are supposed to go - I didn’t care about opinion. In fact, to this day I am the furthest from any din of disbelief than I have ever been. I am so shielded from any negativity it has become my nature to precede in pure knowing. I guess along with the music I was also given an unshakable faith – Ok, so make that 4 things God gave me!

Three years ago Soul Pattern Project was born to share this music of hope and spread Love one note at time. I have learned a lot since the first night timidly strumming that guitar in a noisy crowded bar determined to stick to my vow of sharing the music.

I have learned how to say yes. I have learned how to let people surprise me and I have learned to let go of fear. Recently I am learning how to be the thing a system cannot quantify and to do the things a system will not quantify in order to demonstrate that the world offers you nothing real except for the Love you bring to it.

What we are capable of doing spiritually can indeed alter our circumstances. The music that Soul Pattern Project plays reflects characters that make choices and sometimes not always good ones, but in the end there is always hope. It is definitely a hopeful music and that is where the true healing lies. I think it’s important now more than ever for all of us to share our stories.

We have toured the west coast and east of the Rockies playing and I have written extensively these past years about this journey you can check out the stories on-line at our website as well as, listen to interviews, shop our music, art and merchandise. All sales from the website help us continue to be independently produced and distributed and help us support our group of working artists. If you would like to write the band email or leave us a message on-line.


Soul Pattern Project features Southern California recording artist, singer/songwriter Maggie Vee and musician/producer Nathan Paul.

When playing live, Soul Pattern Project is known for taking audiences to the edge of the sublime with original songs that are divinely inspired. Described as a new sound, the music can at any one time be jazzy, bluesy and country in root morphing itself into an alternative flurry of sound. Hailed by fans and critically acclaimed as mind blowing “cerebral fusion”.



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