Band Soul Pattern Project Disobeys World – Love Ensues

If you ask the lead singer for the band Soul Pattern Project what the most important thing to know about the band is, she’ll tell you “Spirit”. If you asked her what the most important thing to know about the music is, she’d say “healing”. Soul Pattern Project came together in 2010 when musician/producer Nathan Paul heard singer/songwriter Maggie Vee at a live music event play a song on acoustic guitar. When he inquired about the music Maggie told him that they would have to sit and talk about it and he would have to hear the whole story about how the music came to be and that’s where it all started.

After several months of trying to get together away from their schedules the two met and after an initial meeting that lasted 5-hours it was decided that the project would go into the recording studio. A second 5-hour meeting to hear all of the music played on acoustic guitar gave the two the direction of how it would be made and it became Soul Pattern Project and the first CD “Soul Injection” was born.

Going back to the first meeting and the story that Maggie unfurled is what catapulted Soul Pattern Project into the realm of knowing possibilities and for the next three years, co-producers turned duo toured up and down the Pacific Northwest and east of the Rockies playing the music for all that would listen because they were simply asked to by God.

“This concept isn’t hard to grasp onto for believers,” says Vee, “Because it’s known as obedience, and early on God told me – To connect the beginning and the end and the rest will done. What a statement, what a promise. The simple fact is that this music was given to me as a gift and I was told to share it with all who would listen. It took praying and meditating to hit the road undaunted.  Early on, I would journal everything which I named the ‘Guitar Story’. The story starts with the death of my husband, mourning, the gift of music on an instrument I didn’t play and singing words I didn’t write and listening to God tell me that everything is exactly the way it should be. I have come to know this music to be healing. We have become storytellers and we are really blessed by the stories that people tell us after hearing the music. The experience of making this music and obeying it is; that no matter what the world has to say about what will be, God has the last word and ultimately makes everything happen first in the heart then in action. We have learned through practice and discipline to receive and attract all good things of the Spirit.”

Soul Pattern Project’s story doesn’t end with just the ‘Guitar Story’. Their current studio project “Eleven Eleven©” due out later this year has a similar story attached to it called the ‘Piano Story’ again challenging the artist  to obey and the musical spiritual flood gates are opened, this time expanding past acoustic “fringe folk” into startling original rock.

The band, now a group of four including Maggie Vee/Keys, Vocals; Nathan Paul/Guitar;   Joaquin Sura/Bass and Alan Winkel/Drums is dedicated to bringing the light and reconciling their audience to a higher realm. If you are interested in miracles or even the least bit curious you can read the original journals at their website and maybe even catch them playing live at a venue near you.



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